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Entertainment Law: Optimizing Results

Innovative Representation of Artists, IP Owners & Media
The Gordon law firm has extensive experience in media, entertainment, and IP law. Firm members have significant experience in negotiating and arranging financing, production and distribution for independent motion picture and television production companies, as well as in representing writers, producers and artists, and those holding intellectual property rights.
Representative Areas of Practice
The Gordon firm is engaged in the following areas of practice: negotiating the financing of entertainment content; negotiating and documenting agreements for performances by talent, writers and other members of the creative community; acquiring intellectual property rights, life rights and related intellectual property. We also structure distribution of product and exploitation of ancillary rights.
Representative Transactions
We consult with companies and individuals regarding their entertainment and Internet strategies; and the protection of their intellectual property rights. Our team drafts and negotiates talent, publishing, producer, management, distribution, touring, merchandising, corporate sponsorship, license and Internet agreements. We can respond to needs in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and nationwide. We are located in in the middle of the Hollywood action.
We advise on:
  • Branded Media
  • Live Engagement and Touring Agreements
  • Celebrity Endorsements and Sponsorship Agreements
  • Management and Merchandising Agreements
  • Charitable fund raising events
  • Music Publishing and Administration Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • New Media and Communications
  • Film Financing, Production and Distribution
  • Partnership, Producer and Production Agreements
  • Internet-based Entertainment Ventures
  • Recording Agreements
  • Investment and Financing Agreements
  • Royalty and Participation Audits
  • Trademark and copyright counseling, prosecution and litigation
  • Production and Distribution Agreements
Representation of Talent
With offices situated in the center of the entertainment industry, the Gordon office's entertainment practice deals with motion pictures, television, music and cable industries, including new technologies, digital delivery systems and and sponsor driven financing models. We provide pragmatic, time sensitive and dedicated counsel to serve our clients' goals in today's entertainment marketplace.

We also provide counsel to actors, writers, directors, producers, managers, production and distribution companies in the film, television, cable, and interactive media sectors. From drafting and negotiating performer, distribution and revenue sharing agreements. This law office endeavors to cover all aspects of the entertainment business.

Litigation of Contract Rights
Under the guidance of Peter D. Gordon, aggressive and powerful legal representation is provided in litigating breach of contract cases, including, audits, royalty and residual rights, allocation of credit, set-safety, and establishing legal rights to ownership of intellectual property. We prosecute and defend cases in arbitration or litigation, with dedication to obtaining outstanding results.
Leading Cases
This firm has successfully prosecuted leading cases in the entertainment industry.
  • Film Industry establishing standards for protection of minors in connection with on-screen performances relating to nudity, SAG protective statutes, teachers responsibilities and the fiduciary duty of producers, directors and studio/production companies to guardians in addition to the role of studio teachers.

  • Music auditing royalties, litigating outstanding payments due to performers and writers, including enforcement of claims resulting in the filing of bankruptcy by a hip hop label which ultimately ended in turning over of copyright and all distribution rights to the majority of the artists catalog.

  • Copyright Litigation establishing continuing rights in a producer's and writer's share in songs where all interests have been waived under duress and undue influence, despite a substantial lapse in time beyond the statute of limitations.

  • Film Distribution Securing a multi-million dollar judgment against film distributors who fail to pay royalties/participation for the distribution of 20- films throughout Russia and Eastern Europe.

  • On-Set Injuries Litigating inter-jurisdictional cases involving the rollover of a tour bus and consequential personal injury and life-altering damages suffered by artists and support staff, litigated against major music manufacturer and advertising entity.
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